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Analytics for IT Business Management
Application Lifecycle Management
Application lifecycle Management software and solutions provide the visibility and collaboration you need to master the modern application lifecycle and bring agility to your enterprise. ALM helps you to define, build, test and deliver quality  applications with agility.

Melillo Consulting
Deliver Amazing Apps With Confidence
Leveraging a wealth of IT data to optimize and accelerate the planning, delivery, and support of applications, HP Application Lifecycle Management Solutions provide the insight and automation to drive the modern application lifecycle from idea to delivery faster without compromise. So you can deliver amazing apps across devices with quality, velocity and confidence.

HP ALM encompasses requirements, test, and application development management. You can extend the support of planning and securing of high quality applications by using Project and Portfolio Management, Fortify on Demand and Agile Manager.
QA across function, performance, and security
HP ALM features include:
Risk-based test planning and managementDefine, manage, and track all test script types (functional, performance, and security) in one place.
Version controlVersion control is enabled for requirements, tests, and test assets, allowing distributed teams to collaborate and manage multiple versions of assets in parallel while maintaining data integrity and providing an audit history of changes throughout the project application lifecycle.
BaseliningBaselining captures a group of requirements, tests, or test assets at strategic points in the project lifecycle to mark specific milestones. Baselines can be compared to assess change impact and enable rollback.
Quality release and cycle management: Release and cycle management enables quick development and testing cycles and breaks large projects into meaningful phases.
Test scheduling and executionHP Sprinter, an innovative manual testing environment, allows you to execute, control, schedule, and record all manual and automated tests, including unattended tests. This solution supports desktop or mobile use.
Integrated manual testingHP Sprinter revolutionizes manual testing with the power to slash test cycles and document defects in accurate detail. With data injection, mirror testing, and defect scanners, repetitive steps are reduced to save time and rework.
Defect managementDefects found in production, are significantly more expensive to correct, than those found during development or pre-release testing. HP ALM defect management identifies, manages, tracks, and enforces defect resolution across the application lifecycle.

Unified management of the complete application lifecycle
  • HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software:HP PPM integrates to HP ALM and supports the management of the application lifecycle—first, by helping with the investment planning process and helping ensure you are investing in the most effective activities with your limited resources. Second, by providing real-time management visibility into the health, value, and status of any project program or application within the portfolio. Third, automated ALM process controls, including financial reporting and support for industry standards and methodologies, to improve application quality while lowering costs
  • HP Executive Scorecard:This product helps IT leaders summarize and understand the key elements of IT performance by leveraging data that has been merged from different IT systems. The product is integrated with HP ALM, providing application health and project status. It includes over 100 KPIs out of the box
  • HP Performance Center and HP LoadRunner:HP Performance Center and LoadRunner integrate with HP ALM, providing a common user experience and simpler performance validation. With one view, you can check the status of manual, functional, and performance requirements, tests, and defects
  • HP Software to manage the production lifecycle:HP features a complete set of market-leading software tools that automate and simplify processes for the “operations” or “production” part of the application lifecycle. Many of these tools also integrate back into HP ALM, giving you a complete view into what matters most about your applications

Let the Melillo team of experts assist youwith your Application Lifecycle Management Solution.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Functional Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Application Performance Management
  • Application Development Management

We can provide you with innovative solutions for complete lifecycle management of your applications as well as help you to define, build, test and deliver quality applications by enabling  your team  to:
  • Leverage existing investments: ALM works with a variety of tools and supports common standards.
  • Improve efficiency, consistency, and traceability via cross project sharing of assets
  • Access cross-project reporting
  • Obtain real -time insights into project progress and management.
  • Optimize your resources though full lifecycle traceability
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