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Analytics for IT Business Management
AppPulse Mobile
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Mobile analytics and monitoring of customer experience
So how do you measure what mobile customers really experience? How can you know what user actions resulted in a problem? How many users were affected by a crash or a poor performing UI control? HP AppPulse Mobile uniquely connects user’s actions to detailed data and crash analytics to provide the specific Mobile Application performance information needed to help you improve app stability and performance. HPAppPulse Mobile lets you know how your users REALLY experience your app — from the moment they tap, swipe, or stretch until their UI has finished. Know what they did and what happened.

HP AppPulse provides end user experience monitoring through an on demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application performance management (APM) footprint and provides feedback data on real end-user sessions for mobile developers. Before they upload their mobile software to an app store, developers wrap their mobile applications using a software development kit provided by HP. This adds compiled code libraries to the app, which then talk to HP’s service while the software is running, delivering usage data for the developers to access. In this way, AppPulse helps developers focus on what matters - identifying the  problems that affect most users or critical functionality [by device model, OS or even app version] and allows them to focus on solving issues quickly by  proving answers to the following questions:

Are you meeting your needs to measure performance and availability of your critical applications?
Are you able to pinpoint application bottlenecks… quickly?
Wouldn’t it be refreshing to know about application problems before your end-users do?

HP AppPulse monitors applications across traditional, mobile, virtualized, and cloud environments and proactively collects performance and availability information from multiple points of presence to display a comprehensive view of your current application status from the all-important… end-user perspective. For more information on the HP’s AppPulse Active solution, please view the following YouTube videos: AppPulse Data Sheet

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