The Robots are Our Tools, Not the Other Way Round

By Tom Palmieri, Director of Operational Intelligence and Service Management

Many people tend to think of artificial intelligence and machine learning in rather hackneyed, sci-fi movie terms: Robots are coming to take our jobs, and eventually, our places.

In reality, there is no machine thinking going on here. There are just the applications of various theories and algorithms based on the learned experiences in the operations realm over the last several years and the discovery of new techniques really focused on separating signal from noise. And that’s all it’s really about today. [More]

Melillo Consulting: Celebrate Our 30th Anniversary Delivering Customer Success

By Melillo Consulting Staff

February 2018 marks a huge milestone for the Melillo Consulting team – our 30th anniversary delivering technology and business success for the customers we serve. A recent CRN feature story on Melillo Consulting discusses the companies rise from serving HP technology projects to providing multimillion dollar business and technology consultation today covering a wide array of solutions, including infrastructure, business performance management, digital transformation, operational intelligence, IT operations management and more. [More]