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Analytics for IT Business Management
Data Center Solutions
Melillo Consulting Physical Moves Moving a data center is no small task. The data center houses the mission critical computers, data storage systems and communications equipment for your company. Any disruption or loss of data can be costly to your business. We provide complete migrations services to ensure an expedited and successful data center move.

Based on your goals, we will spend time planning and mapping out the target data center, including racking, power needs, and connectivity. We will layout the infrastructure in terms of data storage, server, networking and cabling needs.

Preparing a target data center that is "move- in ready" makes for a much easier move. Servers and applications are grouped to ensure a seamless and transparent move that minimizes business disruption and ensures business continuity.

On the day of the move, we prepare a Run Book that includes all the checklists from the previous night's backup. This includes system shutdown, de-installation, re-installation, system checkout, and application verification.

Speak to our experts about helping you plan a successful data center move that is on time and on budget.

Disaster Recovery Whether it is a consolidation involving multiple data centers or a single data center, both require a considerable amount of planning and experience. We will guide you through the complete process from project management to the implementation of new existing components to the migration service itself.

We focus on underlying facilities and computing infrastructure that is application critical for our customers. We supply the services to analyze all related components of the infrastructure that are within the consolidation scope to include:
  • Facilities - Power, Cooling, Layout and Cabling Plant
  • Data Storage - Storage Arrays, Storage Virtualization, and Storage Tiering, Archiving and Replication
  • Networking - LAN/WAN, Storage and intrusion protection
  • Computing - Servers, Virtualization, and High-Availability
  • Computing Services - Active Directory, Domain Naming, and Backup Recovery

Data Migration What methods can we use to migrate? Host based? Array based? Combination of both?
When architecting a data migration project, planning and analyzing to make sure the right tool is chosen and that the source and target environments are at supported levels is key. Even though we live in a highly virtualized world, many data centers require migration, and with that migration comes a good deal of risk. Data Migration can truly affect your business and it's processes -  from business users, customers, staff, partners and vendors.  Early preparation and a clear understanding of the amount of time, effort and team support are the keys to a smooth transition.
Migrating your company’s critical business data to new storage technology or a new location can be a complex process. It includes dealing with an enormous volume of information, a disparity between the layout of your new storage platforms versus your old ones, and a sense of confusion as to which of the many migration methods will be the safest and most cost effective while maintaining the company’s day-to-day business operations.
Melillo can help you with your data migration—whether it’s relocating your operations, consolidating, tiering, or simply moving information to a different storage platform. A dedicated project manager and expert delivery consultants will meet with you to perform an initial assessment of your environment and business needs to determine the fastest, safest, and most cost effective method to get your information moved where you need it, when you need it. From there, we’ll collaborate with you on implementation. Once your data migration plan is place, we’ll perform the migration, verify data accessibility, create clear and concise documentation outlining your new configuration, and conduct a brief operational forum to familiarize you and your staff with the new data layout.

Data Recovery & Protection "End-to-end Solutions—from Backup to Business Continuity"

Virtualization and cloud computing help organizations increase asset utilization and decrease their total cost of ownership (TCO). However, the higher utilization poses greater challenges in backing up and restoring data in a virtualized environment. Today's data center needs a new data protection strategy—one that can shrink backup windows, improve recovery times, and reduce the backup data footprint. Melillo has innovative data protection solutions to ensure continuous availability of your IT infrastructure, applications, and workloads. Our solutions allows a choice of streamlined backup and recovery, data replication, business continuity, and workload mobility to deliver reliable, predictable, and cost-effective availability with unmatched data protection.
Downtime poses a threat to business continuity for companies of all sizes. Each hour of downtime can cost millions of dollars and prolonged downtime can even lead to end of business. Business continuity and data recovery are paramount for ensuring your business critical environment, data, and online presence are available with minimal downtime. Melillo can help ensure that your data is protected, recoverable, and accessible by you and your customers. We will work with you to implement a clear and comprehensive data recovery plan that helps you respond to and recover quickly from disruptive events. Your plan will ensure failover protections so that your business will always maintain operational functionality and the ability to access to critical data.
Whatever your budget, environment, and retention policies, we'll help you design a recovery solution that fits to your company’s unique backup requirements - from application backups, to licensing, to external backup appliances.

With Melillo Data Recovery, your organization can gain:
  • Superior business resiliency
  • Most optimal use of backup infrastructure and IT resources
  • Greater visibility and control of backup infrastructure

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to create a consolidation plan that meets your business needs.
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