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HP Mobile Center
Melillo Consulting Accelerate app delivery and continually test mobile apps across multiple devices and operating systems with HP Mobile Center and provide mobile users with exceptional and secure experiences.

Redefine your mobile experience and ensure that you create apps that delight users. With HP mobile application testing solutions, you can test all aspects of the mobile user experience from functional to performance to context. 
Key Features:
  • Realistic Testing Conditions: Test how apps will perform in the real world: Accurate and realistic scenarios model thousands of virtual users, variable network conditions, and multiple devices
  • Application Optimization: Optimize app performance by leveraging diagnostics to identify and help correct performance bottlenecks and other technical problems and get suggestions on how to optimize your app
  • Secure Deployment Model: Manage your testing devices in a secure and scalable on-premise lab to ensure that you comply with company regulations and internal IT policies while still providing flexible remote access
  • Ease of Use: Execute complex testing scenarios with ease via an intuitive UI, robust automation engine, and the creation of repeatable test scripts that support iOS, Android, and hybrid apps
  • End-to-End Visibility: Make sure all stakeholders get end-to-end visibility into the status of testing and quality of mobile apps via an integration with HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • High Performing Apps: Design, develop, and execute performance load tests, identify bottlenecks, determine system capacities, and measure the real user experience
Seven ways HP Mobile Center optimizes mobile app quality HP Mobile Center enables you to redefine the mobile experience by delivering a predictable and repeatable mechanism for managing the mobile application throughout its lifecycle, from concept to retirement. It helps you optimize the quality and the end-user experience of your mobile app in seven ways:
  1. Integrate mobile testing within your existing application lifecycle management (ALM) infrastructure
  2. Support simulated and real-world exploratory testing to report back on usability, design, and defects, all on real devices
  3. Automate the functional and ever-growing regression test cases on real devices to achieve
  4. Accurately capture and share critical defect information (device vital, snapshot, video, etc.)
  5. Understand every interaction, measure response time, and track availability of key transactions inside a mobile app running on a real device
  6. Measure and simulate the impact of load using a combination of real devices and virtual users, and apply real-world network conditions for realistic assessment
  7. Gain insight into how users are using the app and get actionable data (UI performance, stability, device utilization, and usability) to improve the application development prioritization under live conditions

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Test on Real Devices with Melillo's Managed Cloud Platform (MCPTM). 
A Comprehensive Managed Services Program: We do the Work, You Reap the Benefits!

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Welcome to APPLANDIA: Explore the different areas to learn about how HPE mobile app solutions can help you build, monitor, and continuously optimize your app through detailed assets and trials.
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