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Adapt to new business demands with agility
Analytics for IT Business Management
Businesses are often faced with the challenge of meeting rising demands for improved productivity while managing a range of communication applications. To do these things effectively, the wired and wireless networks that act as the nervous system of your IT environment have to be intelligent themselves - extending virtualization and empowering convergence in the data center.

Melillo Consulting Effective operation and sharing of business critical information depends on the capabilities of your network. Our team of networking experts can provide you with data networking solutions that that allow maximized network availability and efficiency, deliver breakthrough economic benefits, and empower you to deploy a network that will help grow your business.
Our networking professionals are certified experts in network assessment, design, deployment, testing and security – including the most advanced converged network and unified communications solutions. They can help you implement the latest advances in network technology, providing you with a competitive leap ahead. In addition to advancing your communication ability, our networking solutions offer predictable performance, high availability, and the comprehensive management needed to support large-scale virtualization and convergence implementations, cloud computing, web hosting, and managed services. Other benefits include:
  • Consolidation - create a single, higher-performing, converged, next-generation data center.
  • Simplification - use fewer platforms and layers with a common operating system and management platform.
  • Business continuity - facilitate exceptional network resiliency.
  • Network control - enable application mobility and network wide visibility.
  • Energy efficiency - require fewer platforms and network layers, significantly reducing power and cooling needs. 

The Melillo ApproachOur team of networking experts will work with you to identify data center and network synergies and ensure that IT system performance is not impaired by slow or inefficient network resources. The costs associated with supporting an Enterprise network infrastructure can eat up a substantial portion of your IT budget and hinder even the most robust data center. Melillo networking experts will assess network performance by evaluating current LAN, WAN and SAN configurations, identifying potential bottlenecks, and looking for areas that would benefit from networking innovations. Melillo takes a comprehensive approach, which consists of planning, implementation, and post-migration support for your custom network solution. Our expert network planning and deployment services consider the complete picture of your enterprise and its requirements, to deliver optimized high-performance wireless and wired network solutions to keep your business information highly available and protected – all while reducing complexity and costs throughout the network.

Melillo offers innovative methods to building networks that are ready for the challenge of a dynamic workload. Contact us about to learn more about simplifying your data center design, improving communication, and reducing the cost of networking.
Our Networking Solutions Include:
  • Data Center Network Solutions
  • Converged Network Solutions
  • Network Upgrades & Technology Refresh
  • Network Optimization
  • Wireless Network Solutions
  • Network Assessments
  • Network Security Solutions 

Featured Solution: HP Flex Fabric -HP FlexFabric offers the industry’s most resilient networking fabric, weaves together infrastructure, operating system and management layers.  It is HP's vision for a next-generation, highly scalable data center network. You get enhanced network visibility and availability, faster response time for users, and improved workload mobility. By coupling HP's network virtualization technologies with their unique software-defined networking (SDN) architecture, you'll be able to provision multi-tenant cloud environments at the speed of software.

Find out why Gartner says that, “organizations should consider HP for any data center network solution, especially those looking for open and standards based solutions.”
  • The new HP FlexFabric data center 7900 series runs on open standards. These switches are simple, scalable, and automated for virtualized compute.
  • HP Intelligent Resilient Fabric (IRF) technology represents multiple physical switches as one logical switch, simplifying configuration and operations.
  • Take advantage of established integration between HP IMC and VMware management tools. 
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