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MissionWe extend our vendors' market reach with solutions that address contemporary IT problems and challenges. Our solutions simplify complex challenges, while being easy to acquire and providing an excellent customer experience.

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Adapt to new business demands with agility
Analytics for IT Business Management
Project & Portfolio Management
Today's executives struggles with time, cost, and resource management challenges, particularly visibility and data consolidation within the enterprise portfolio. Given these daily challenges, it is difficult for executives to see which projects and operational activities they should be working on to find out how much is left in their budget, to what capacity are resources being utilized, and how to align activities with business demands.

Melillo Consulting
HP's innovative Project & Portfolio Management solution helps executives overcome these challenges by providing critical information in real-time to help them make the right investment decisions by standardizing, managing, and capturing the execution of project and operational activities and resources.
Having a clear view into all aspects of your projects can help you maintain high levels of quality and deliver complex programs on time and on budget. Implementing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems and PPM process adoption and automation, are key for IT departments to meet the following critical needs: 
  • More effectively manage and monitor IT spending in the short term for quick results
  • Review and improve existing work management practices
  • Centralize and standardize demand management processes
  • Enhance visibility into the resource pool
  • Optimize and control the allocation of critical resources for project work
  • More carefully balance inbound work (demand) with existing resources (time, people, money)
  • Enhance the communication flow between itself and the business
  • Increase the visibility into existing project status
  • Gain better control over outsourced IT projects

Get an overview of business needs and prioritize against goals and resources by consolidating all demand. Streamline approvals and evaluate the cost and value of services.

Key Features:
Idea and Demand Management: Get an overview of business needs and prioritize against goals and resources by consolidating all demand. Streamline approvals and evaluate the cost and value of services.
Enterprise Resource Management: Maximize efficiency with multi-dimensional resource planning and tracking to help ensure best use of resources and highest-value return for the business.
Agile Project Management: Lower the cost of running both your Agile and traditional development projects, reduce resource bottlenecks, and provide robust visibility into status of the entire project or program.
Application Portfolio Management: Optimize your application portfolio management based on business goals. Determine which applications are of most value to you now and eliminate application redundancy.
Integrated Portfolio Management: Enable visibility, operational governance, and connectivity across all IT functions through the use of Enterprise Architecture foundations and principles to help you to identify waste and redundancies, and ensure alignment to business strategies.
Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Increase project success rates with clear dashboards on program and project status and build key performance indicators and provide business analytics that show insights in business-friendly formats.
Financial Management: Enables your organization to manage its IT portfolio with real-time visibility into financial performance. This software offers automatic calculations of costs and variances that delivers detailed comparisons of your project health.

We can help you implement a PPM solution to provide you with these workflow-based process governance and project and portfolio management capabilities. This includes robust, hierarchical portfolio planning and lifecycle management, multi-user project, time, resource, financial, program and demand management solutions deployed to support the needs of existing or new Project Management offices (PMOs), including: standardizing project initiation processes, improving project performance, reducing the proliferation of applications, reducing operating costs, and other benefits.

We specialize in providing outstanding leadership and services in support of HP's PPM Center (PPMC) software. Our experts can help you:
  • Define the solution that fits your business needs and budget
  • Develop the business case that quantifies value and return-on-investment

Our customers achieve:
  • 200-400%+ increase in PMO productivity
  • 20% average reduction in operating costs
  • 40% reduction in the average cost to implement a PPM solution
  • 20-40% performance improvement: projects delivered on time, within budget
  • Up to 100% savings in annual application maintenance costs via portfolio rationalization

We offer numerous fast-start programs to help you achieve these benefits, including 8- and 12-week AgileStart™ initiatives that establish a solid foundation for the evolution of your PMO. We provide experienced PPM product configuration and support professionals that streamline the provision of PPM production administration, configuration, and support services. The end result is that our customers are able to reduce and control their product support costs through our service and capacity based support offerings.

PPM Innovations: It's a Whole New Ballgame Find out about the latest innovations in PPM and explore the New Project and Portfolio Management 9.3 in this Vivit webinar.

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