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Software Defined Data Center
"The next leap forward in Data Center design and operation"

The virtualization trends in the data center have coalesced around the concept of the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). SDDC is the logical extension of the automation processes that create virtual servers. The new generation of automation processes now includes the complete automation of all support services necessary for a Virtual Machine (VM) to be fully functional upon creation. This support services include network creation and insertion, Backup & Recovery, Security, DR, Service Catalog, etc. and allow the VM to be completely functional at the time of creation. Today, theses services have to be created manually and significantly increase the time required to put a VM into production. Melillo Consulting has created a Center of Excellence focused on the design and implementation of all aspects of the Software Defined Data Center.

Melillo Consulting Defined Areas of Expertise: Examination of our Services demonstrates a Full-Service Approach and Methodology around SDDC that includes:
  • Planning: Development of a complete road map to take an existing center’s architecture and operational model to full scale SDDC. 
  • Assessments and Evaluation: Consists of reviewing the existing Data Center architecture and operating environment and evaluating its readiness for SDDC. 
  • Architecture Design: Develop the architecture required to meet the customer’s SDDC goals and phasing requirements, including Intra-center HA and load balancing and inter-center DR and load balancing. 
  • Implementation: Implement the architectural design and phasing plan developed in the Architecture Design phase using tools form VMware and Hewlett Packard. 
  • SDDC Testing: Test all aspects of SDDC implementation, including HA and DR failover. 

SDDC product expertise Melillo Consulting has expertise in a wide variety of SDDC software products including VMware’s vCloud Suite, vCenter Automation, vCOPS, vCenter Suite, ESXi and Hewlett Packard’s Business Service Management & BSA suites. 
VCloud Suite VCloud Suite vCloud Suite 6.0 is composed of the following integrated products: VMware vSphere: Compute virtualization platform with policy...
ViPR ViPR Rethink Storage Transform the Data Center with ViPR Software-Defined Storage platform that dramatically simplifies the management...
OneView OneView You can automate time-consuming manual tasks, such as change management, configuration consistency, system software updates and more. ...
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