Small Businesses Seek Shelter From The Storm Of Cyberattacks

By George O'Brien, Melillo Consulting

The recent spate of high-profile cyberattacks, many involving paid ransoms featuring six or seven zeroes, has brought an ongoing, and escalating, problem even more to the forefront. Businesses are being advised that the problem needs to be managed — before the worst happens. That means having a detailed plan involving many layers to keep things safe.


Workforce Planning: The Struggle is Real

By Doug Morrison, Director Business Performance Management, Melillo Consulting

Workforce planning is a popular topic: Our customers want to optimize resource utilization and recognize labor costs more accurately. Agile methodology and DevOps practices are two popular trends that have made workforce planning and accounting even more arduous.


The Benefits of Running Your IT Systems as a Utility

By Doug Morrison, Director Business Performance Management

Many businesses today are faced with upgrading legacy technology and systems, while reducing risk and strategically aligning IT to business needs. Not so long ago, it was business as usual behavior to run IT as in a silo without regard to business challenges. Today, IT departments should be run as a utility, producing a monthly statement of delivered value and cost..


Why Choose Melillo?

By Melillo Consulting Staff

Melillo has now been in business for over 30 years, and with that experience, we've seen a lot of the trends and changes in the industry. [More]

Managing Big Data: The Challenge of Creating Business Value

By Dan Sytsma, President, Melillo Consulting

Enterprises today are well aware of the enormous potential of Big Data, but many continue to struggle with the organization, administration and governance of their fast- growing and complex data sets. Companies must invest in effective Big Data management strategies to understand and organize the data they have amassed and then analyze it to provide themselves a competitive edge.


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