Business Performance Management

As much as it's the digital transformation of the technologies, it's really more the people aspects that our area focuses on: how do we bring visibility to the value that these digital technologies bring? How do we track and measure that with metrics that show there's value, and that the areas of the organization that are adopting these new technologies are getting faster time to market more customer-centric benefits? As the underlying technologies change, and the pace of change increases, the need for these tools like Agile Project Methodology or Automated Test Management become even greater. There's no way to do DevOps without having these tool sets in place. Doug Morrison was a customer of Melillo’s before working there, and a lot of the challenges he experienced are the same challenges that he sees his customers experience day in and day out: project execution and visibility to the current status, the effort it takes project managers to pull together status reports on a regular basis, the inconsistency of project health reporting. These are typically more related to a project managers tolerance to risk, rather than actual statistical analysis.  

Melillo has taken that ambiguity out of it and turned it into more of a systemic process, so there's consistency across the organization, which all organizations can benefit from. 

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