Digital Transformation Perspectives

We view digital transformation as: customers asking to innovate new business models for their processes and services. Really, they're looking for the basics, which are improving operational efficiencies and organization performance. But what they really want is digital transformation that has a bigger impact on their business, whether it's creating a new revenue stream, additional business insights, or doing something that will give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It's really about enabling the flow of business to provide greater benefits and value to their customers. Melillo views it as integrating technology into all areas of the business to enable agility and improve the reach and the performance of the enterprise. Up until recent history, it was considered that that was the goal, to become completely agile. Our customers have traditional needs as well as customer facing needs and as an organization becomes more digital, the need to be agile is becoming more apparent. But that doesn't mean that the old methodologies are ever going to completely go away through this journey of digital transformation. It's not just about a software offering or a technology, it's about people in process as well. So commonly the questions that arise when talking to customers about the digital transformation journey is not just what are the bells and whistles of some new software product, but how is that going to interact with the current people and processes within their organization? How prepared are they to react and adapt their people and their processes to fit well with what the technology is offering? So Melillo consulting delivers digital transformation through multiple solutions that we can provide to our customers. We have infrastructure as a hybrid data center. We have business performance management, operational intelligence, service management and technical support services associated with that. We have individuals that can give you a breadth of all those and weave those solutions together as one deliverable back, and then we have individuals that can go into deep discussions in each one of those solutions.

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