IT Challenges and Solutions

The challenge is the speed of the market, and the velocity of change in the organization. The amount of technology changes that a CIO or a CTO or an organization has to abide by and keep up with has changed tremendously over the last five years. One instance where Melillo delivered an AWS infrastructure while removing an on-premise solution into cloud services for their development prod and QA environments really stands out. So it's taking a traditional workload that used to be within the confounds of a data center in a Colo, and moving that into a public cloud to reduce cost and complexity of that infrastructure. It provides them with a cost analysis, moving forward, so they have predictable costs associated. It also provides them with flexibility and growth that they cannot achieve within the confounds of a data center. What Melillo is able to deliver is breadth of experience in a lot of this area where we have done this more than once, we've seen it several times in the organization, so we can bring in lessons learned as you implement moving workloads into the cloud, moving workloads onto a converged infrastructure, consolidating and provisioning of storage and techniques of those types in your organization.

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