Operational Intelligence and Service Management

Operations management starts at the first level of maturity, to be able to troubleshoot problems through searching and investigating for the root cause. This is usually a time consuming process using a bunch of different tools, and a bunch of different people across different teams. We’re also teaching the customer how to look at that product, how to look at the features it's trying to deliver for them, and how to look at the IT operation they’re managing in a slightly different way than they may have been familiar with. This makes it simpler to collect the data that’s necessary for it, as well as to aggregate it into the right place and to get all the people involved in it and not feel as if they’re being intruded upon, because they’re all focused on the same goal: to the improve the efficiency of the operation, help Root Cause Analysis get done very quickly, solve the problems and make everyone happy with the IT department. Right now, service management is focusing primarily on producing a much more strategic approach to managing IT systems, enabling it to align more with the business. It's really focused on reducing operational costs and improving quality, and response time, and the performance for people who deliver services within a company. The idea is to ultimately help someone on the bottom line, which means reduce the time to market for their services.

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