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Digital transformation brings significant operational and organizational change. It also requires lots of data. That data often attracts more applications for analytics and trend analysis, resulting in even more data. The phenomenon is referred to as “data gravity.” As datasets grow in size, they attract more applications and more data. And like large bodies at rest, these datasets tend to become larger and more difficult to migrate and manage. Melillo provides the data management expertise you need to manage your complex, business-critical data, recommend innovative storage platforms, like flash and cloud, and deliver the peace of mind you want around data security and privacy.

Melillo Data Management Services


Managing and making sense of the incredible amount of data your organization captures often creates significant challenges.

Our Data Management services include:

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Storage Design

& Optimization


Offering advancements in storage design, like SAN, flash, and cloud, that give you a better, more cost-effective way to store and manage your data.

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Data Consolidation

& Migration


Allowing you to share the burden for complex, business-critical tasks with an experienced partner.

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Data security and encryption that ensures protection and adherence to industry-standard best practices.

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Melillo Consulting experts begin by conducting a complimentary Data Management Discovery Workshop to help us better understand your current technology and business environment and make recommendations for improvement. Our consulting engineers meet with your IT and LOB teams to uncover specific requirements and demands. We then recommend the appropriate Melillo Business Transformation Assessment (MBTA) to guide your organization on its path toward Digital Transformation.

Melillo Business

Transformation Assessments (MBTAs)

- We offer several MBTAs to help you develop, optimize and streamline your Modern Data Center:




Data Federation

& Virtualization


Traditional DBMS to


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Customer Success Story

Global Professional Sporting Organization - Azure IaaS SQL Environment Migration to Azure Managed Instance SQL Environment

Success Story


  • Identified two dozen application dependencies to four SQL instances
  • Found development team was using manual copies to update and deploy production code

Project Goals

  • Perform gap analysis of applications to identify deprecated SQL features
  • Create and execute remediation of deprecated SQL features
  • Create Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) pipelines for development, QA, and production environments
  • Create DevPipelinesto deploy development, QA, and production applications

Project Success

  • Cleaned and fortified customer environment against reinfection
  • Rebuilt customer environment in the Azure cloud
  • Restored customer data
  • Validated applications and remediated issues that arose during verification process

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