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Deliver quality Apps Quickly

As the speed of business continues to accelerate, there is a need for Enterprise Development and Operations teams to integrate methodologies in order to turn out quality software releases more quickly and efficiently to ensure continuous deployment.

Melillo combines industry leading technology, cloud platforms, automation, testing and services to support the DevOps transformation that is essential to accelerating your application delivery. We can assist you with Performance Lifecycle, Application Instrumentation, and Monitoring & Event Mgmt Reference Modeling.

Key Benefits


Faster release of apps with automation of integrated build, test and deployment process


Increase developer and operational efficiency by managing your infrastructure as code


Improve customer experience with immediate feedback loops and continuous improvement


DevOps Providing End-to-End Agility

Learn how to deliver the quality, automation, and collaboration necessary to accelerate end-to-end application delivery and get everything that you need for a successful DevOps environment.

Our experienced team can assist with:


  • Monitor the Performance Engineering environment like Production: SiteScope & Diagnostics
  • Run UFT Scripts in BSM from independent geolocations to obtain an end to end perspective of use case transaction over time and across software releases
  • Provide RUM Sessions to Test & Development
  • Use proven Vugen scripts in AppPulse, BSM BPM, PC & LoadRunner




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