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IT Service Management

IT Service Management

Harness big data to accelerate ITIL-driven service delivery, improve user experience, and lower service desk costs.

IT Service Management

Faster Service. Better Experience. Lower Costs.

With Melillo's ITSM Automation solutions, you can speed up service delivery while making the experience more satisfying for end users and IT staff alike—so you can pick up the pace of key business initiatives. Now your ITIL-based services are easy to access and use, configuration and deployment take minutes rather than hours, and administration and maintenance tasks are simple and fast. Best of all, you can harness big data to provide insight, deliver knowledge, and identify trends.


Leave the High Costs and Frustration of Traditional ITSM Behind

Transform the excessive costs and frustrations of traditional ITSM into more productive and satisfied users, lower IT costs, and tighter IT control. An investment in ITSM turns service delivery into a source of competitive advantages and business value.

Scale 1

of consumers say the #1 factor that leads to a great customer experience is having their issues resolved quickly.
— ICMI, 2015

Scale 2

of organizations are either not sure or not aware of the cost per IT incident.
— 2016 PulseReport, Gatepoint Research

Scale 3

of IT organizations say their biggest challenge is reacting to IT incidents instead of proactively anticipating them.
— 2016 PulseReport, Gatepoint Research

The Business Value of ITSM Automation

Enable more productive and satisfied users, lower IT costs, and tighten IT control: Investing in ITSM Automation turns your service delivery into a source of competitive advantage and business value.

Improve User Experience Improve User Experience

25% Average reduction on service desk calls

Improve Staff Efficiency Improve Staff Efficiency

80% Reduction in cost as time spent in change management decreases

Improve Speed and Agility Improve Speed and Agility

50% Average reduction on service request times

“HPE: The ITIL champion is also the number one in IT Service Management”

IT Service Management


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“HPE Service Manager has had a positive impact on our organization. After it became a single portal, the satisfaction level increased 85%.”

IT Specialist, Large Enterprise Retail Company

End-to-End Capabilities.
ITIL-Based. Future-Ready.

Melillo offers complete ITSM solutions supporting service desk processes plus configuration management, asset management, analytics, and automation—all based on ITIL best practices all supported by expert implementation and expert services.


Transformative Service Management

Melillo offers end-to-end ITSM solutions are simply smarter at transforming service delivery and support. They automate tasks and manage assets to reduce costs. They speed up service desk processes while improving the user experience. They fine-tune software licensing and compliance. And they harness big data to constantly improve the service desk.

Staff Efficiency Staff Efficiency

Find out how big data machine learning, deep analytics, and pattern matching expedite ticket handling, facilitate continual service improvement, and empower self-service.

Service Desk Automation Service Desk Automation

Automation of common IT tasks accelerates fulfillment of requests, execution of standard changes, and triage and remediation of incidents, improving both staff productivity.

Versatile Discovery for Next Generation Hybrid IT Versatile Discovery for Next Generation Hybrid IT

Ensure your infrastructure is accurately mapped for cloud, on-premise, and containerized IT with agent-less, agent-based, or hybrid discovery capabilities and real-time discovery for virtual environments.

Introducing Container Deployment Foundation and IT Service Management Automation

The future is now. Transforming to the digital enterprise requires simple, fast and innovative solutions. HPE is taking the lead with a new containerized solution that delivers a robust suite of capabilities and microservices, fast. Providing rapid install & flexible deployment options through Shared Services, Content, and Repository to enable built-in scaling. Combined with agile delivery and predictable releases, IT Service Management Automation capabilities will expand with your demand, empowering your business growth. 

IT Service Management Automation

IT Service Management Automation


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