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Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence gives you a real-time understanding of what’s happening across your IT systems & technology infrastructure so you can make informed decisions. It is a category of methods & technology for gaining new operational visibility & discovering insights for IT & the business.
Data Driven Analytics
Smarter Monitoring. Smarter Analytics. Smarter IT.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence is a next-generation monitoring and analytics solution that uses machine learning and event analytics to simplify operations, prioritize problem resolution and align IT with the business.

  • Delivers a central, unified view of critical IT services for powerful, data-driven monitoring.
  • Maps critical services with KPIs to easily pinpoint what matters most.
  • Uses machine learning to detect patterns, dynamically adapt thresholds, highlight anomalies and pinpoint areas of impact.
  • Provides business and service context to prioritize incident investigation and triage.
  • Supports drill downs to profile an entity and rapidly troubleshoot outages and service degradations.




  • Deliver service intelligence to IT and the business with actionable insights
  • Interact with custom visualizations that map KPIs to critical service components
  • Baseline normal operations and dynamically adapt thresholds in real time
  • Isolate notable events and alert on anomalous conditions
  • Deploy at scale for on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments in days



Managing IT operations is harder—and more important—than ever. To keep critical services running smoothly, professionals need a service-centric view of IT and the business.

To help you make better and more informed business decisions, Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a next-generation monitoring and analytics solution that provides complete visibility into the health and key performance indicators (KPIs) of IT services. Use visualizations and machine-learning-powered analytics to highlight anomalies, accelerate investigations and pinpoint the root causes that impact service levels critical to the business. With Splunk ITSI, you can also prioritize incident investigation and response actions, based on business impact.

Built on Splunk’s industry-leading platform for machine data, Splunk ITSI scales to collect and index terabytes of real-time and historical events and metrics, across multi-datacenter and cloud-based infrastructures. You can deploy the solution on-premises, in a hybrid environment or as a hosted solution in the cloud.

What is Service Intelligence?

IT operations is responsible for running and managing the services that businesses depend on. Service intelligence improves service quality, helps IT make well-informed decisions and supports business priorities.

Why Splunk IT Service Intelligence?

Splunk ITSI enables analytics-driven IT operations. It provides cross-silo visibility into the health of services by integrating data across the enterprise, visually mapping services and KPIs to discover new insights, and translating operational data into business impact. With timely, correlated information on services that impact the business, Splunk ITSI unifies data silos, reduces time to resolution, improves service operations and enables service intelligence.

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Custom Insights for Everyone
Custom Insights for Everyone

Visualize inter-relationships and dependencies across all of your service delivery components. Monitor business and service activity with indicators that are aligned with your goals. Present real-time insights into service health performance indicators to drive decisions. Personalize dashboards with filters, widgets and role-relevant visualizations.

Troubleshooting with Context

Define service relationships to quickly understand dependencies and impact. Prioritize events and accelerate triage and incident response with business and service context. Speed up investigations by organizing, correlating and profiling relevant metrics and events for at-a-glance diagnosis.

Troubleshooting with Context
Analytics-Driven Monitoring
Analytics-Driven Monitoring

Reduce event clutter and false positives with real-time, multivariate anomaly detection. Use machine learning to determine subtle pattern changes and outliers, baseline operations and adapt thresholds to changing behavior in real time. Run predefined correlation searches against learned indicators to generate notable events.

Fast Time-to-Value

Install quickly, connect to any data source effortlessly and begin interacting with the data immediately. Fast-track data collection, simplify service definitions and accelerate insights across technology domains with out-of-the-box modules.

Fast Time-to-Value
Simple, Scalable and Flexible Machine Data Platform

Collect, process and analyze all metrics and events at scale from anywhere, including physical, virtual, hybrid and cloud environments. Answer unanticipated questions by merging, exploring and analyzing data across any data source, on-the-fly.


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