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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Build the infrastructure your business truly needs. Incorporate private cloud into your hybrid mix for enhanced flexibility, performance and security.

Private Cloud in a Hybrid Environment

Establishing an infrastructure to support the demands of modern business is all about finding your right mix of hybrid cloud. By implementing the right mix of private and public cloud for your organization, you can solve existing IT challenges, enable business outcomes and prepare for future growth.

High-performing hybrid infrastructure has private cloud at its core, delivering security where you need it and enhancing productivity. With private cloud as the foundation of your hybrid plan, you can gain the agility and reliability you need for improved performance, economics and time-to-market.


Experts in Private Cloud

Melillo is a leading provider in private cloud solutions that seamlessly integrate into a wide variety of hybrid environments. We can offer the right technology, proven best practices and expert guidance on how to solve your existing IT challenges delivering hosting, automation and orchestration and cloud-native workloads.


One Solution for Everything Hybrid

From extending traditional IT to deploying cloud-native applications, Melillo can help you meet your hybrid infrastructure transformation goals with a single solution with an integrated hardware and software solution for private and hybrid clouds that delivers line of sight for your entire ecosystem. Monitor, manage and deploy across hybrid environments, while providing your teams with the resources and agility they need to meet business demands.

Enhance Your Security with Private Cloud

Build protection and security into your right mix of hybrid infrastructure to reduce risk and transform your business with a secure, compliant cloud. With private cloud in your hybrid mix, you can protect your data more effectively and maintain critical regulatory compliance. We help you address risk up front so you can grow your business with confidence.

Private Cloud Portfolio at a Glance


Private Cloud Software

Melillo's portfolio includes customizable cloud software solutions you can use with existing hardware assets and management tools for enhanced investment protection.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Melillo's portfolio includes integrated cloud software and hardware solutions with built-in best practices to accelerate deployment and simplify maintenance.


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