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Software Defined Data Center

Software Defined Data Center

Hybrid IT Helps Businesses Navigate Through Digital Transformation



As businesses drive for agility in the era of digital disruption, many are finding public cloud security, compliance, and performance may not meet their needs. Instead, they need a flexible, software-defined, scalable and composable hybrid IT environment to operate across datacenter, private and public clouds and the edge of the network.




The Future of IT Infrastructure Management—Today

Melillo can help you take an innovative approach to infrastructure management based on software-defined intelligence. Deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations and improve productivity with efficient workflow automation, a modern dashboard and the industry’s broadest partner ecosystem.

Deploy Infrastructure Faster Deploy Infrastructure Faster

IT generalists can quickly respond to changing business requirements by rapidly and reliably composing and updating resources using automated templates created by IT specialists.

Simplify Operations Simplify Operations

Simplifiy operations by providing a single, unified view of the health of thousands of servers, profiles and enclosures across multiple data centers.

Increase Productivity Increase Productivity

Automate resource provisioning, configuration and monitoring automation for more aligned, responsive service delivery.

Where Everything Computes, Business Just Works

The new world in which everything computes is an opportunity for the enterprise and the enterprising. It offers oceans of data, distilled in real time for immediate value. Let us help you succeed in your transformation to the digitized world, so that everything computes for you, and your business just works.

Smarter Outcomes Icon
Smarter Outcomes

Planes diagnose themselves and report to the factory. Soda machines do self inventory. Driverless cars. In a data-driven, everything computes world, the only limits are imagination. What outcomes can you imagine?

Better with Your Right Mix Icon
Better with Your Right Mix

We’ll help you find your right mix of everything. The right innovations. The right partners. The right deployment. The right experts. The right financial model. For the right outcomes for you.

Accelerated with the Right Experience Icon
Accelerated with the Right Experience

We apply our unparalleled expertise in technology, workloads, finance, and solution integration to accelerate the outcomes you look for in each part of your digital transformation.

Hybrid IT Icon
Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT combines your right mix of traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud to meet your business and IT goals, and integrate new technologies and innovations to accelerate where your business is going tomorrow.

Mobility and IoT Icon
Mobility and IoT

The Intelligent Edge creates smarter buildings, cities, work spaces, retail experiences, factory floors, and more. Find deeper insights faster to transform the experiences that you deliver to your customers and employees across your operations.

IT for Data and Analytics Icon
IT for Data and Analytics

Do more than just turn data into insights: turn data into action by leveraging the explosion of data from the Intelligent Edge and IoT. Meet today’s and tomorrow’s data needs, and deliver the outcomes you need

Meet OneView

Simplify your hybrid IT environment with a management platform that transforms servers, storage and networking into software-defined infrastructure. This latest release of HPE  incorporates a number of feature enhancements, including extended platform support, simplified firmware management, global dashboard enhancements, common storage management and several new composable ecosystem integrations.

Enhanced Features and Capabilities

Global Dashboard for Your Entire Infrastructure

Take advantage of single-view, unified management with enhanced enterprise scalability. Simultaneously manage your HPE BladeSystem c-Class, HPE ProLiant DL, HPE Apollo, Hyper Converged 380, Synergy servers, and HPE 3Par StoreServ storage with 360-degree visibility.

Private Cloud in a Hybrid Environment

Establishing an infrastructure to support the demands of modern business is all about finding your right mix of hybrid cloud. By implementing the right mix of private and public cloud for your organization, you can solve existing IT challenges, enable business outcomes and prepare for future growth.

High-performing hybrid infrastructure has private cloud at its core, delivering security where you need it and enhancing productivity. With private cloud as the foundation of your hybrid plan, you can gain the agility and reliability you need for improved performance, economics and time-to-market.

Experts in Private Cloud

 Leading innovator in private cloud solutions that seamlessly integrate into a wide variety of hybrid environments. Melillo offers the right technology, proven best practices and expert guidance on how to solve your existing IT challenges.

Solutions for Integrating Public Cloud

Public cloud services have a valuable role alongside on-premises infrastructure in nearly every organization’s right mix of hybrid IT. Melillo provides integrated hybrid solutions to help you meet this need.

Public Cloud in a Hybrid Environment

To keep up with the pace and economics of modern business, organizations need to be able to select the appropriate destinations for a wide range of workloads and applications. A fully developed hybrid infrastructure takes advantage of both internal and external resources to minimize costs, increase agility and streamline management.

Alongside private cloud and traditional IT, public cloud solutions play an important role in a hybrid environment, offering flexibility for variable workloads, pay-as-you-go pricing and on-demand scalability. While your company should identify its unique right mix to meet security requirements and business goals, on average enterprises expect their hybrid mix to be 22% public cloud and 48% on-premises and hosted private cloud over the next two years.1


Integration with Leading Public Clouds

HPE provides innovative hybrid cloud solutions that work with multiple IaaS platforms and standards. We partner with leading public cloud providers and third-party managed solutions to extend our solutions to integrate with their offerings.

Achieve Your Business Objectives
Determine the Right App Placement Determine the Right App Placement

In a hybrid IT environment, you have the flexibility to match the cost and unique needs of your applications with the optimal cloud infrastructure models, whether that’s private cloud, public cloud, or managed cloud services.

Enhance Your Security and Compliance Enhance Your Security and Compliance

Build protection and security into your right mix of hybrid cloud without sacrificing agility. Use a secure, compliant private cloud when protection is paramount and a flexible public cloud when cost is your primary concern.

Save Money and Gain Efficiency Save Money and Gain Efficiency

Improve economics and enhance performance by transforming to a hybrid cloud infrastructure that enables you to manage multi-cloud environments with a common toolset.

HPE Solutions for Your Hybrid Environment

Our portfolio includes several marquee cloud products that facilitate a complete hybrid environment through integration with leading public cloud providers and third-party solutions.


When it comes to workload placement in a hybrid IT environment, there are many choices – Private Cloud, Public Cloud, SaaS, Traditional IT, plus a variety of factors that influence your decision. What are the hybrid IT trends related to workload placement? What are the top factors that influence workload placement decisions? Where are other companies placing various ...


Get Started

Speak with a cloud expert about how we can help you build hybrid cloud infrastructure that works for your business. Let us know your current challenges and future goals, and we’ll help you get on the right path to hybrid cloud success.

Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is a technique in which an enterprise uses both in-house and cloud based services to complete their entire pool of IT resources. A hybrid IT model enables organizations to lease a portion of their required IT resources from a public/private cloud service provider. Hybrid IT is the use of external virtual infrastructure to augment traditional in-house infrastructure.

Benefits include

  • Speed of deployment
  • On Demand provisioning
  • Remote DR and BURA
  • Reduced infrastructure and admin cost
  • Access to wide variety of external analytics


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