Achieving Real-World Digital Transformation through HPE GreenLake and RedHat 

Digital transformation sounds like an admirable goal – until you get to the details. Will you build new solutions on-premises or in the cloud? Will you migrate your applications and data to the public cloud, or do you need a private cloud? Can you operate your internal processes and procedures on-premises and across a hybrid cloud to enjoy the best of all worlds? Who is going to handle all of this and who can I congratulate when it goes right (or hold to task if things go sideways)? 

These are just a few of the questions our mid-size and enterprise clients have when it comes to migrating their applications, data, and solution sets to a consumption-based model. Everyone is looking for a way to find a solution – for example, an application they’re using internally – and dial it up or dial it down as needed. That’s what the whole “as-a-service” model is about. The challenge is knowing exactly what is inside the cloud solution you’re selecting so that you can achieve the best value and receive the most secure and reliable computing services possible. 

At Melillo Consulting, we have been an HPE partner for over 30 years, helping clients select among their hardware and software solutions to find the best fit for their organizations. We’ve been particularly impressed with HPE GreenLake, which is a private cloud enterprise platform with a significant ecosystem of partners and technologies and designed as a flexible private cloud you can use to run, support, and develop any of your apps, whether they’re in your data center or at the edges where you do business with customers.  

Real-World Digital Transformation Solutions 

In effect, HPE GreenLake offers a public cloud experience (open, available, as-a-service) in a private cloud environment (secure, built on top-tier hardware, extensible). With their recent partnership with RedHat, we see a lot of great opportunities for clients to combine GreenLake’s “edge-to-cloud” experience with RedHat’s “any application, on any cloud, anywhere” application delivery model. HPE GreenLake and RedHat offer real-world solutions for achieving your digital transformation strategy. 

When you consider your enterprise’s use of public clouds, plus outside applications, plus your internal data center – adding a private cloud solution sounds like one more thing to manage. Instead, HPE GreenLake and RedHat offer you the ability to consume applications and computing at your own speed and at the volume you need – when and where you need it. The private cloud returns control to your IT team while offering everything your users are looking for in public cloud solutions. And RedHat provides all the tools you need for building and managing cross-platform environments, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, middleware, agile integration, cloud-native application development, and management and automation solutions. 

Objective Advice and Guidance 

As you move forward, you will find that some of your IT will be deployed on premises, you’re going to migrate some applications and services to the public cloud and you’re going to manage some applications and data in a private cloud solution. You will make decisions about certain mission critical applications where you find yourself saying, “Do we really want to put this in the cloud? How quickly do we deploy it and how do we manage this the most effectively for our business?”  

And that’s where we come in. Our role at Melillo is to act as an objective advisor, guiding you in your selection of cloud and development solutions. We lean on three decades of experience to help our customers address their contemporary IT problems while preparing them for future business needs.