Dell’s APEX: Predictable Reliability for a Reliably Unpredictable World

For many companies, the ability to predict expenses while focusing on core competencies is priceless. Our clients have found that Dell’s APEX Cloud service is one solution that businesses can implement on a monthly subscription model while delegating traditional hardware maintenance.

APEX helps customers decide where workloads are best suited — but also provides the flexibility to seamlessly move them across multi-cloud environments if that decision changes. In addition, APEX can scale on demand as business needs grow. 

APEX is ideally suited for the company that wants the security of an on-premises data center but doesn’t want to manage infrastructure. It’s an on-premises cloud: The hardware lives in your data center, but it is managed by Dell. You retain a local footprint, so you have more control over security, and because it’s a monthly subscription you also have control over cost. APEX delivers technology as a service and can lower the cost of operations by up to 39% over three years, according to Dell.  

Instead of focusing on building and maintaining infrastructure, you can focus on the outcomes of the technology your company deploys. This enables you to deploy solutions quickly and as needed.  

We recognize that customers don’t deploy technology for the sake of it. There’s a specific goal they’re trying to achieve, whether that’s better performance, increased sales, operational efficiencies, lower costs, etc. APEX can help companies do all of that, while relieving the stress of supporting and refreshing hardware. 

Focus on Your Core 
Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the building of the infrastructure and lose sight of the desired outcome. APEX allows you to focus on your goals, relieving you of equipment maintenance, minimizing risk and providing the stability of a regular monthly payment.  

When you use an off-premises cloud service such as AWS, there is a fixed cost to store data, but you may incur charges to transfer it. The data flow is like a toll. We hear customers say they were given a fixed cost, but once they started using the service, they received a much higher bill because data flow wasn’t factored into the cost estimate. With Dell APEX Hybrid Cloud, there is no toll or metering. 

Melillo provides a thorough review of what each potential customer’s needs are and offers advice based on our years of experience. And for those businesses that may not be a suitable candidate for off-premises traditional cloud, APEX may be an ideal solution.