Network Monitoring Improves Visibility and Keeps Business Humming

In a world where 24/7 connectivity is critical to running a business, the ability to monitor network health is crucial. Operations teams need to understand network delivery and experience from the end-user perspective—across any device and from any location. One of the tools we have used at Melillo Consulting is Broadcom’s integrated DX NetOps and AppNeta solution which combines active and passive monitoring approaches to provide continuous, end-to-end visibility for our clients.  

The solution expands traditional visibility beyond the network edge and into ISP, cloud provider networks and SaaS. It gives perspective into how their network technologies are performing and whether they are healthy or impacted, including voice, video, and data.    

Who Needs Network Monitoring Software? 

About any medium to enterprise-size business is a candidate for network monitoring software, especially those that depend on providing efficient and accurate customer service.  

Broadcom’s solutions significantly boost service insight for a host of vertical markets. Using advanced artificial intelligence, it harnesses predictive insights and automation so network issues can be identified and potentially remediated before users are affected. DX NetOps helps customers assess network issues, using tools including alarms, events, performance, faults, flows, logs, and configurations. Once violations occur and are alerted, administrators can move quickly to determine the root cause to diminish MTTR (mean time to repair) or MTTI (mean time to innocence). 

When examining the applications in play for retail customers, their operations require online order management, point of sale systems, a web view for inventory management, customer relationship management software, and integration with payment platforms. Each successful transaction requires a seamless network connection. Broadcom’s network monitoring software combination extends delivery and experience visibility to ISP, cloud provider networks, SaaS applications, as well as in-house applications. 

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities, such as urgent care offices, can also benefit from consistent network performance. Whether that entails scheduling appointments and procedures, ensuring that clinical applications stay online or facilitating clinician communications. Network connectivity and experience plays an essential role in improving patient outcomes. 

The Benefits of Improved Network Monitoring with Broadcom 

We recommend the DX NetOps and AppNeta solution because it performs well in a wide range of key criteria, including validation, traffic analysis, troubleshooting, security observability, and monitoring of application and Layer 7 resources. A secure, reliable network connection is the foundation for a positive customer experience. In addition, maintaining a quality connection results in lower costs not only relating to repairs, due to proactive maintenance, but also to the handling of phone calls relating to complaints.  

In the wake of the pandemic, these past two years have driven home the importance of network health. Many companies’ employees spend more time accessing applications over the internet rather than through their own managed data networks and data centers. The internet is the de facto enterprise network. The problem is that most companies have no visibility into the work from anywhere user environment, their last-mile or ISP, the transitory networks, and the cloud or SaaS application performance.  

Managing the user experience, from home wireless through residential ISPs and into cloud and SaaS environments, requires visibility to apply the correct resources to the issues and fast. DX NetOps and AppNeta provide that insight, expanding beyond your network devices and the infrastructure that you support through to the ISPs, cloud providers and SaaS applications, helping businesses monitor and utilize the enterprise network as a means of improving user experience. 

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