Embracing Business Automation with Automic 

As more companies adopt digital transformation strategies — new and innovative ways to conduct business based on technological advances — the need for business process automation is becoming more critical. This has brought a cultural shift from manual processes to automation software that can more efficiently and accurately manage repeatable, multistep transactions that involve multiple IT systems.  

Broadcom’s Automic is workload management software that enables this type of automation. Whether you have one server or a cluster, you can now execute jobs and save the results from any number of different agents to the Automic Automation Engine: These agents can be Windows, Linux or Mac OS-based. The agents report into a central server where they receive workflows that can be used to execute an everyday batch job or to check the status of a network connection, for example. 

Automation software is useful for jobs that might be considered mundane processes, particularly ones that are routinely performed manually, such as updating software. For example, say you have 5,000 machines in your company across different locations nationwide. Every week, you need to know if any of those machines are outdated, out of compliance or in need of a virus update. Having to do that manually would require an army of people. But with a tool such as Automic, you can automate that work by creating a job and having the agents carry it out and report on it. And you can rerun that job whenever necessary without manual error. 

The system generates output files and reports when job objects are executed. Reports that provide comprehensive information about the status and the history of your jobs can be opened from the user interface and shared with management. The information gathered tracks all processes and the tool provides access to controlling and monitoring tasks, ensuring full auditing capability. It’s easy to then show management that all your workstations comply and up to date – or that there are still updates to deploy.  

If a problem is discovered, we handle the troubleshooting for our business partner. When something’s not working or updating, Melillo supports that. And, if we can’t resolve the issue, then we are the frontline to Broadcom support. We work with Broadcom to get the problem resolved quickly and thoroughly. 

Businesses can integrate Automic with virtually any database, and Broadcom supplies excellent documentation, so users are up and running quickly. In addition, there’s online training available, which can result in certification. In every respect, this software is focused on providing business efficiency.  

Automic provides the capabilities needed to accelerate a company’s digital transformation and support its growth, all from one unified central platform. It provides a unified dashboard across multiple vendors and applications. Further, its predictive analytics capabilities provide companies with the necessary visualization, adaptability, and intelligence to successfully manage complex workloads. This type of business process automation is exactly what you need to drive improvements in IT operations as well as your digital transformation journey, and ultimately, your company’s success.