Modular Value Stream Management with ValueEdge

Most of the focus on AI lately has been on tools like ChatGPT and its natural language processing that supports human-like conversations to answer complex questions, provide language translation, help with code development or general advice. True AI automation, however, holds the power to revolutionize the way enterprises conduct daily operations – across every internal team and role.

Value Stream Management (VSM) uses a common platform to enable tracking software development, maintenance, governance, and value delivery from budgeting to operation. When coupled with AI, VSM offers the ability for organizations to leverage AI-powered functional testing for application development.

DevOps teams are used to the constant pressure and delicate balance of achieving early app delivery and including more frequent testing. This is where a solution like OpenText DevOps Cloud and ValueEdge can really shine by letting our customers accelerate their application delivery using actionable AI-based insights and built-in collaboration tools to increase efficiency and confidence in their application’s quality.

OpenText DevOps Cloud and ValueEdge provides a cloud-based DevOps and value stream management platform. It enables IT and software development organizations to visualize, track and manage value delivery across the digital product lifecycle. Your developers can adopt modular toolsets at their own pace across your entire digital value stream—from planning to building, testing, delivering, and running applications. It’s a more tangible and actionable solution than typical reporting applications that only aggregate data.

How to Accelerate and Optimize Application Business Value

What our customers want to do is accelerate and optimize business value, from demand to delivery. But how do we achieve that without negatively impacting quality, or even better, while improving quality? Everyone’s being pushed to “do more with less,” sooner, faster, and more reliably. This requires rethinking software delivery – and that means applying AI automation to obtain smarter, real-time insights across multiple data sets.

8 OpenText DevOps Cloud & ValueEdge modules that can be adopted as needed by your team:

    1. INSIGHTS – Improve flow and reduce waste using AI. VSM begins with accurate and insightful metrics. Built-in AI reaches across the entire software delivery lifecycle and shows you where to act.
    2. STRATEGY – Connect your business strategy with Agile delivery to drive real-world outcomes. You and your team can use the OpenText strategic portfolio management (SPM) to define and map value streams and prioritize investment in initiatives that deliver value.
    3. AGILE – Modernize the way you design, manage, and optimize software delivery. It helps Agile and DevOps teams manage work, defects, backlog, pipelines, and sprints to deliver continuous value.
    4. QUALITY – Scale continuous quality in the cloud with analytics-focused visibility. This module supports test management, defect and vulnerability management, and advanced team backlog management to transform software delivery.
    5. FUNCTIONAL TEST – Automate testing with AI-powered intelligence. Enable anyone to easily test anything on any platform from anywhere with a one-stop shop for all your functional testing needs.
    6. PERFORMANCE – Test application performance and workloads.
    7. RELEASE – Enable code-to-cash delivery.
    8. OPS – Provide service management for your enterprise.

VSM in Action

Here’s an example of AI in action within the ValueEdge platform powered by OpenText DevOps Aviator: Let’s say that you are testing a new software release and want to get the status of all the recent updates. You can query it in plain text to “Show me the status of the current release” and a Release Forecast pops up on screen. Then you can ask, “What are the risks associated with the current release?” and the response might be that there is a probable risk within two modules.

At this point, you can drill down and ask the platform to create a test for you that will highlight whether the tests and updates will impact delivery time. This is where AI magic comes into play. The platform can recommend the framework for an AI-generated test which can be manual or automated. This is huge and can take away some of the traditional manual overhead by letting you use AI to create tests or at least get a test framework recommendation. You can develop codeless tests that update a user or provide functionality, for example. These tests can help you mediate risks that you’re seeing in your DevOps dashboard. 

ValueEdge can save you a great deal of time by enabling you to quickly visualize, test, remediate or escalate risks to the DevOps team when necessary. By reducing manual steps while improving efficiency with AI-generated testing, your DevOps team can speed delivery time.

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