Flexibility and Reliability for Datacenter Modernization with HPE GreenLake

No enterprise IT leader today considers an hour of downtime per year to be acceptable. That’s what most public clouds with four-nines (99.99%) of service level agreements (SLAs) provide. The fact is that the combination of public cloud infrastructure and hybrid access can’t provide 100% uptime. Whether you’re using a public cloud, a private cloud, or more likely, a hybrid cloud solution, you need greater availability, performance and increased scalability to justify the investments you’re making to run and maintain your mission-critical business applications and systems. 

To obtain the flexibility and scalability of the cloud with less than a minute of downtime per year, six-nines (99.9999%) or even 100% uptime means adopting a purpose-built, cloud-native private cloud solution – HPE GreenLake. GreenLake provides more control, more performance and more reliability. This holds true for storage and compute – HPE GreenLake for Block Storage is the first storage-as-a-service that offers a 100% availability guarantee. It allows users to run mission-critical workloads with 100% uptime. And HPE also offers a 100% availability guarantee for its HPE Alletra 9000 series.

What does this mean for you and your users? For starters, it moves your business past the pitfalls of public cloud challenges. The public cloud is acclaimed for its scalability – at a cost – and tolerated for lack of availability and reliability resulting in downtime. HPE GreenLake offers you the ability to finally shutter older datacenters and migrate your operations to a low-latency, high-reliability and high-performance cloud solution where you can take advantage of newer management tools that work across all your operations. It’s more cost-efficient than running VMs in a public cloud and gives you greater solution flexibility than your on-premise infrastructure. This gives you the ability to perform at a much higher level, with the ability to run mission critical workloads reliably, and at the highest performance in a cloud setting.

As with any as-a-service offering, GreenLake provides additional benefits. You know from running your own on-premises datacenter that just making sure everything is fully compatible, let alone ensuring all your licenses are up-to-date and all the latest critical patches are installed, can be a full-time job. GreenLake enables greater data center operations management and comprehensive computing fleet management through its centralized toolset. Various services can be added on as necessary. Through the GreenLake Cloud portal you can purchase additional services including block storage, file storage, backup and recovery, and data protection as needed. You can start off with one or more services and add to them based on how your business requirements grow – as you refresh your infrastructure or migrate from your data center into the cloud, for example. 

As datacenter managers prepare for what comes next within their enterprises, Melillo is ready to provide the guidance and support they need to build tomorrow’s modern datacenter infrastructure.