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Transforming enterprise security requires a new approach driven by analytics. This means making use of advanced Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) tools and platforms designed to keep pace with the rate and sophistication of today’s threats. An advanced, analytics-driven SIEM provides real-time security monitoring, advanced threat detection, forensics and incident management. It provides the foundation for streamlined enterprise security operations.

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We use an analytics-driven SIEM approach to help you build a stronger security posture and improve cross-department collaboration.

Our Security services include:

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& Procedures


Ensuring your enterprise data is safe and secure, protecting your business reputation.

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Event Consolidation

& Correlation


Providing insight into security events and the ability to predict and thwart potential attacks against your organization.

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Ensuring privacy, security and industry regulatory compliance, while allowing your teams to work.

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Melillo Consulting experts begin by conducting a complimentary SIEM Discovery Workshop to help us better understand your current technology and business environment and make recommendations for improvement. Our consulting engineers meet with your IT and LOB teams to uncover specific requirements and demands. We then recommend the appropriate Melillo Business Transformation Assessment (MBTA) to guide your organization on its path toward Digital Transformation.

Melillo Business

Transformation Assessments (MBTAs)

- We offer several MBTAs to help you develop, optimize and streamline your Modern Data Center:

Identity Management








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Customer Success Story

Professional Services Organization Ransomware Attack Remediation and Environment Fortification

Success Story


  • Identified vulnerabilities that left organization open to a large-scale ransomware attack
  • Remediated attack
  • Provided fortification against similar future attacks

Project Goals

  • Secure environment and prevent reinfection
  • Recover data to the Azure cloud

Project Success

  • Cleaned and fortified customer environment against reinfection
  • Rebuilt customer environment in the Azure cloud
  • Restored customer data
  • Validated applications and remediated issues that arose during verification process

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