The Impact of Cloud-Driven Digital Transformation on Performance Monitoring

For teams to successfully support the wealth of traffic, locations, users, and cloud-delivered workflows flooding their network, they’ll likely be tasked with embarking on some manner of “digital transformation” that retires their old network architecture for a more agile, scalable design. Melillo’s AppNeta offering from Broadcom Software will help you go out with the old and in with the new.

What is the State of Digital Transformation?

According to a recent Salesforce report, 71 percent of enterprise IT teams are transforming from “a technology-providing cost center to a value-based service brokerage” in response to the greater role network performance plays to business.1
Rather than simply play a reactive role in addressing issues with apps, devices and the network, IT teams need to have the foresight to get ahead of issues before they impact end users, and to strengthen the network backbone for even more complexities down the road. The key is better monitoring for several aspects of the transformation.

Successful Transformations

  • Ability to monitor across the internet to cloud and SaaS environments
  • Granular, continuous monitoring of any business-critical application
  • Integration with all business-critical systems

Enhanced End-user Experience

  • Continuous monitoring of any app and every user at every location
  • See the performance across any third-party network or service
  • Flexible deployments to scale to any environment

Make IT More Efficient

  • Proactively isolate end-user-impacting issues to either the network or app
  • A combination of active and passive monitoring to understand the problem
  • Cost-effectively scale for complete enterprise coverage

Deliver Work from Anywhere Performance Visibility

  • Complete, flexible coverage of all users and all the applications that are consumed
  • Scalable, easy to use SaaS platform without management overhead
  • Frictionless deployment fully managed by IT

The Important Role of SAAS Apps

Your digital monitoring warrior

Whatever – and wherever – the issue, AppNeta can pinpoint it in real time, giving IT a unified view of every location across the enterprise, from small remote offices to large data centers. Using a combination of publicly-available methodologies and AppNeta’s patented continuous monitoring technology, TruPath™, monitoring beyond the firewall has never been easier.
AppNeta was designed for the enterprise in the cloud, but isn’t restrictive about deployment — even if teams are still running more traditional workflows. In fact, this SaaS platform can be deployed in the public cloud or in your private data center. Combined with its family of purpose-built, plug-n-play physical or virtual appliances designed for any network configuration (regardless of speed or type), deployment options are nearly unlimited.

Monitoring network health in the rapidly evolving digital landscape: A paradigm shift

As enterprises move beyond traditional network infrastructures to cloud based architectures that promise greater scalability and flexibility, network performance monitoring strategies must adapt to keep up.
AppNeta by Broadcom stands at the forefront of digital transformation in performance monitoring, embracing the shift towards cloud-driven strategies that cater to the dynamic needs of modern enterprises.
With advanced expertise in AppNeta’s suite of network performance monitoring solutions, Melillo can help you establish a comprehensive and proactive IT strategy that ensures robust network health, optimized for the unique demands of your digital transformation journey.

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1 White Paper by Broadcom Software, “4 Goals Driving Modern Enterprise,” 2022.