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Cloud First methodology

Cloud computing has become today’s go-to solution for the most pressing business challenges—from a remote workforce to a resource-constrained IT department that’s bogged down with IT maintenance issues to rising IT costs, and more. But as new requirements continue to emerge and evolve in application modernization, security, automation, cost optimization, and multi-cloud connectivity, knowing which cloud service will most effectively support your application workload can be confusing.

No matter where you are in your IT journey, Melillo can help you achieve digital business acceleration with cloud strategies that map to your changing business environment. At Melillo, we operate with a Cloud First methodology, which means we look to the cloud first to build an application, then partner with you to help you figure out where to keep your systems: on-premise, in the public cloud, or in a hybrid environment that blends the two.

When you adopt a private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure, you can expect:
• Faster app deployment without the limitations of on-site hardware
• The ability to scale based on fluctuating workloads and demands
• Lower CAPEX costs with higher efficiencies
• Security as a priority
• Mobility in the age of the remote workforce
• Complete visibility and control over your data

When you work with Melillo, you get a seasoned team of cloud experts who are agile enough to bend, change, and adapt to your needs, but experienced enough to confidently deliver on what you need, when you need it to support your environment and business goals. When it comes to the cloud, we know what works under what circumstances, what doesn’t, and how to evolve with the changing business and IT landscape.

Contact Melillo today and learn how we can help you accelerate app and service delivery with cloud computing, so you can respond nimbly to changing business conditions, stay agile, meet customer needs faster, and drive profitability.