Transform, Optimize and Accelerate your digital journey 



achieve digital transformation

Profound shifts in the tech landscape have put added pressure on IT teams to meet new and changing expectations in growth, scalability, and security to achieve digital transformation. Traditional approaches to IT aren’t enough to support continuous and seamless operations in the face of constant change; they are simply too slow, too complex, and too mired in legacy hardware and software.

At Melillo, we will help you achieve digital transformation and accelerate the use of digital technology to add more value to your business—all while staying current with the constantly evolving business and IT landscape. Our IT pros will design, integrate, and optimize customized infrastructure solutions designed to keep you one step ahead as you take your business into the future.

With expertise that spans everything from servers, storage, and networking to cloud strategy, data center, converged and hyperconverged solutions, and infrastructure orchestration and automation, we’ll help you not only achieve your digital transformation goals, but also cut costs while you’re at it.

Our advanced areas of specialty include:

IT planning and optimization: We will integrate your existing or legacy IT infrastructure with newer technologies and cloud platforms to enable you to meet your business objectives, boost the user experience (UX), and conserve precious IT dollars.

Data protection: With enhanced backup, malware, and business resilience support, we’ll help you ensure business continuity as well as compliance with applicable standards and guidelines.

Storage: We’ll work with you to develop a Storage Area Network (SAN) that supports all your on-prem or cloud-based data, with the ability to recover quickly via remote data centers or cloud services as needed.

When you work with us to modernize your IT infrastructure, you get a partner who is committed to helping you accelerate your digital business initiatives to transform every facet of your business.

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