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“Those who hesitate to adopt AI-infused testing will continue to fall behind, while those 30 who change will realize technical and financial benefits.” –Forrester Research
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Software development is constantly in flux, and testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring product integrity and market readiness. However, testing has often been the bottleneck in the process, riddled with repetitive tasks and time-consuming processes that delay progress.
Whether on-prem or in the cloud, AI-infused testing represents a groundbreaking method that harnesses machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics for a significant boost in test accuracy and efficiency.
It’s time to re-evaluate your process. The infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into test automation is causing a major paradigm shift, transforming the testing landscape from a potential roadblock to a catalyst for efficiency.
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In the fast-evolving realm of software development, testing stands as a cornerstone for ensuring product reliability and market readiness. However, testing has often slowed down progress due to repetitive tasks and time-consuming processes.
With OpenText UFT One solutions from Melillo, you can seamlessly integrate advanced AI capabilities into your testing operations for more precise results and faster time to market—so you can stay one step ahead in the competitive landscape of software development.
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