Future Proofing Your Business with PowerStore

One significant challenge for any successful business is sustaining continued growth. Serving current customers while looking forward to future business requires systems that scale quickly and efficiently. For Melillo customers, the Dell PowerStore appliance provides that type of “future proofing” in several important ways: scalability, warranty, and security.

PowerStore lets our customers scale up and expand as they grow. A solution can have up to four power store appliances that can be added to a single cluster for a total of eight active nodes, and 3.6 petabytes of raw storage capacity. In addition, Dell data-reduction technologies guarantee a four-to-one reduction in data storage, freeing up even more space. Decreasing the amount of data storage required reduces the number of drives that are necessary, it also helps to minimize the physical footprint of the solution. That’s a lot of flexibility and a ton of data capacity. 

Adding nodes can also be accomplished seamlessly, with little (if any) disruption to the business. The need for growth is simply identified and addressed: We add an extra node here or we add to a particular cluster there. We build out or scale out as the customer grows, providing enough capacity to reach their goals. And once they’re reached, there will be new targets, for example, if the customer acquires or growth surpasses expectations. PowerStore can continue to scale out to keep up with the new requirements. 

The appliance provides a three-year warranty, so customers have peace of mind. With the purchase of professional support, Dell guarantees at least three years of storage data protection, compared with the industry standard of 30 days. Dell’s Future-Proof Program reduces the risk of managing and maintaining IT investment as well as the uncertainty of acquiring and deploying.  

Data protection is built into PowerStore. Its secure data protection deduplication process identifies duplicate byte patterns and ensures whether a single-byte pattern is valid. That validated pattern then becomes the stored reference, which is then used to identify any duplicate byte patterns. Deduping data eliminates redundancies and allows the customer to manage backup activity more efficiently. So, we can provide cost savings because storage is conserved, plus adding load balancing benefits. 

The main benefit for all our customers is that PowerStore supports greater efficiency. It’s able to cut operating costs because it’s saving real money. Our top priority is always to help customers avoid unnecessary spending. That’s why we’re seen as a trusted advisor — ensuring our clients have exactly what they need and nothing that they don’t. 

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