Why Choose Melillo?

When customers are evaluating IT projects, one of the things they look for is the stability and the experience that a partner can provide. Melillo has now been in business for over 30 years, and with that experience, has seen a lot of the trends and changes in the industry. Melillo has gained valuable insight on how to help their customers; they believe the stability of the organization and a focus on innovation really make a difference. Customers really want a solution on the integrator that has a long-term perspective to what's happened in the industry, where the industry is headed for their IT projects. What differentiates Melillo is their ability to partner with you- not just for one deal, but to help you grow through your organization, through your IT, and through the delivery of service both internally and externally to your customers. Working for Melillo and with Melillo, is like extending your family. Melillo is a family environment, they're driven to customer satisfaction, regardless if it's a one-day engagement or if it's a one-year engagement. What Melillo is able to deliver is breadth of experience. We can bring in lessons learned as you implement moving workloads into the cloud moving workloads on to a converged infrastructure, consolidating storage and provisioning of storage and techniques of those types in your organization. Experience really does make a difference for the customer. Those customers have their legacy that they need to be concerned about, and also they have their future IT initiatives that they need to work on.  Melillo brings that blend of experience, plus broader thinking to make a difference with our customers.

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